Skye Makers is a high quality magazine for you to cherish and keep which celebrates the creativity of the makers on the Isle of Skye. With each issue Skye Makers will be sharing with you life stories, skills and ideas to inspire and remind you of the Isle of Skye and those that live here. The island has been a refuge for artists for many years seeking the solitude, silence and space that Skye uniquely offers in which to work. Inspired by the endless ever-changing canvas of seasonal landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and big skies there is no end to our creativity! At a time when we are seeking to simplify our lives Skye offers an ideal haven, to enable us to get in touch again with our senses and our imaginations and to spend time gazing at the stars.

We would like to share all of this with you through Skye Makers magazine.

Welcome to our island, welcome to our world.


Following the journey of creation, from the beginnings of an idea to the completion.


With vision and skills, the art of making is to bring something into existence.


When the beauty of the process and finished thing can be appreciated and contemplated.


When the written art form is valued and recognised both artistically and intellectually.