Karen Redfern Skye Makers

To begin with, a little bit about me…

I recently moved to the Isle of Skye after a thirty-year relationship with the island in which I had always promised myself that one day I would be able to stay. I have always had such an overwhelming sense of peace here and also a sense of humbleness in the presence of nature at its most magnificent. It has been said that people move here to escape life but actually, I would argue that you come here to live. There is such a huge sense of community on the island as we work with our limited resources and exposure to the elements but especially at present as we join together to ensure that there is an infrastructure in place to support us as well as our visitors each year.

And then there was an idea!

Sometimes an idea just happens and it makes so much sense that you have to just follow it and believe in it and work at it, but mainly believe in it and that is what happened with Skye Makers magazine for me.

My idea was to celebrate the creativity of the Isle of Skye Makers.  To share their passions, skills and life stories in a magazine that would be treasured.  To share a part of the island that you don't normally see.

I have had such fun following this idea, meeting so many talented Skye Makers, making friends, sharing stories and at the same time getting to see where others have chosen to live and celebrate life on the island.

In reading each issue of Skye Makers magazine I hope that you are able to get a sense of life here, to understand what inspires us and why we all feel so amazingly lucky and thankful to be able to call the Isle of Skye our home.

I wish you well on your own journey of creativity...

Karen Redfern
Editor & Founder
Skye Makers Magazine