Tapestry of Scenes front cover

I am so proud to be selling Morag Henriksen's latest book Tapestry of Scenes here on Skye Makers website.  I first discovered Morag's writing back in 2014 when she had just published Scenery of Dreams.  At the time, I was on a short visit to the island so I was absolutely delighted to find a part of Skye, beautifully wrapped, that fitted in my pocket to take back to Norfolk with me. Scenery of Dreams is a wonderful collection of short stories sharing the life and soul of the Highland communities within Wester Ross and Skye, an absolute delight to read and share.  In the sequel Tapestry of Scenes, Morag treats us to stories and poetry from her travels around the world as well as further memories and reflections of her life in the Highlands. 

Morag has the amazing ability to grab your hand and take you with her through her storytelling, her words shining through with such clarity that you actually do feel that you are standing next to her, sharing in her laughter and her sadness.  Morag's love and knowledge of nature at the same time weaving its own way throughout the book, interspersed with her drawings, adding a beautiful visual dimension to the short stories and poetry gathered there.

The Ode More Travelled by Morag Henriksen


I remember my joy on awakening
In the tent in the dusty red outback,
The glory of light on the gum-trees
So far from home.

I remember it now with nostalgia,
A bitter-sweet love of the country,
Warm in the heart and the memory
Because of you.

And whenever I look at a gum-tree
In Scotland or California
My mind flies to Southern Australia.
It flies to you.

Morag has recently released her first book Scenery of Dreams as an eBook on Amazon. Amazon Scenery of Dreams by Morag Henriksen

Scenery of Dreams by Morag Henriksen cover


Out on the moor one day
when I was young
I had a sudden vision of infinity.

I stood upon the shimmering hill,
my sandals scuffed with heather dust
and saw the morning.

The larks were up
pouring their music down the sparkling air.

The ocean held its breath
And suddenly
there in my kilt,
my scratched brown knees,
my pigtails,
I felt that I could fly.

Joy caught
and tossed my spirits

Delight erupted.

My awareness leaped
the obstacles of earthly vision.

Laughing, I ran
in touch for one brief moment
with the light
the blaze and essence
of the universe.